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Discussion on: Escaping tutorial purgatory as a new developer

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I've been so afraid of making my own stuff. In the end, you just have to do it, make mistakes, fix 'em, and refine your app along the way-- which means constant research and observation, doing and un-doing.

We learn better from it.

Thanks for the much-needed, well-written, amazing article!

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Jermaine Oppong

I second what you said about being "afraid of making my own stuff". I've been experiencing this fear a lot lately, and it has been down to following the path of least resistance. And that's how we end up in purgatory–an attempt to map out that "path" through hours and hours of tutorial-porn.

The ugly truth about making progress is that it comes with a boat load of obstacles. The earlier we accept this, the earlier we dive into making our own stuff with the little knowledge we may have.

Knowledge about the size of a mustard seed is good enough to start the next project