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Build markdown blog site by casual-markdown-blog

casual-markdown-blog is a handy solution to build blog site by markdown files and single index.html

No installation, just copy a single index.html, and config home page at, then start write post in markdown!

blog layout

It is very handy to build simple blog-site from markdown files, and host on static web hosting. For example,

Usage Guide

simply copy index.html to web server, or fork this repo.

  • config site at (title, subtitle, header-color, navigation, etc..)
  • start to write blog post using markdown
  • to publish, just add the post in by syntax
* yyyy/mm/dd: [post-title](md-file) { #tags }
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below is sample setup from Sample Blog:

------------------------------------------------------------------title      : Casual-Markdown's Blog 
subtitle   : Simple is the best
nav-group  : featured, new-3, tags, months
nav-width  : 320px
css-header : background:linear-gradient(to bottom right, #06c, #fc0); color:white
menu       : 
   Home    : ?
   Github  :
   Dark    : javascript:darkmode()
   About   : ?
<style comment="additional style">

<div id="md-post">

home page in markdown syntax...

## Archive

* yyyy/mm/dd: [Post Title](md file)  { #tag1, #tag2 }
* yyyy/mm/dd: [Post Title](md file)  { #tag1, #tag2 }
* yyyy/mm/dd: [Post Title](md file)  { #tag1, #tag2 }


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looking forward to your advice to help it getting better,


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