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Remotely off-topic (no pun intended, sorry): do you think that working remotely is a good start for a junior developer? With university a part-time remote job sounds perfect to me, I can just go to the library, do some work and when I'm done I'm ready for my academic duties, but I'm finding it hard to land a remote job as most of the postings ask for Sr. Devs. Is it because a junior dev is hard to manage remotely?


I think a better strategy for part-time remote work while studying at the university is looking for small freelance gigs. Most freelance gigs you can work where you'd like, they are easier to find and can give you the flexibility you need. You can take on only as many projects as you'd like!

This is my personal opinion, of course! I think finding a remote part-time JOB would be difficult, but maybe it's actually out there! Has anyone seen anything like that?


I've seen many that required to clock in for 5 hours a day, but as I said they where looking for senior devs..

As for the freelance gigs well, I actually haven't found any haha
The main difference would that I'd be left on my one and I don't know if I can already tackle that kind of job

For a junior it may be harder to find a corporate remote job. But you can find jobs from single employers with single needs. Go find a local shop that needs a website, or one with a website that needs some fixes or improvements. Such things can be a good start.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately where I live there aren't many tech companies, and the few ones weren't looking for junior roles so I had to look "outside". I'll scout the web for some local shop.

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