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Discussion on: Falling in love again

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Carter Bryden

I've been using cloud9 for years now and I loved it before the integration to AWS. This looks like an awesome option, but I really, really want to be able to pay for more containers. Let me create container templates and clone them and I'll be in dev heaven. I don't want my dozens of projects all on one container.

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Matthew Watkins Author

Yeah, I was saddened when Cloud 9 started tightening its leash on how many workspaces individuals could create and requiring a credit card to register for an account. Still, it got me through my college :)

Currently, it looks like supports only one container per account, with paid options to increase the resources available, but still to that one container. However, I noticed when I was playing around and resetting my container the other day and clicked reset twice too fast, there was an error thrown saying my "organization" had reached the limit for the number of containers (1).

I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but that sounds like they're adding organization/team support and the ability to pay for more containers in the near future. Since they're still in the alpha v0.2 phase, I'll be surprised if they don't add that sooner rather than later.