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Discussion on: Elm 0.19 Broke Us 💔

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It's really not that bad/complicated to learn (HKT's and PureScript) - but you gain some incredible cool powers ;)

To give you a small glimpse: if you understand what comparable is about in Elm you basically understood type-classes. But instead of have a fixed set of them that only works with a predefined subset you can add you own types to them (it's called making your type an instance of it) and you can even define your own type-classes if you want, but that is rarely needed.

If you understood what Cmd is about you are ready to talk about effect system - but again you can do it on a level where you are in more control of the runtime and where you are allowed to use effects (still everything is pure).

If you want to try it out this might be a good start:

this framework is very Elm-inspired and you should get a good idea (normally I would advise PUX but right now the documentation was not updated for purescript-0.12 and so this might confuse you too much)