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Discussion on: Should devs code in their free time?

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Carlos Roso Author

Your English is perfect :D

If you're a privileged student with no family and no need to work, I'd totally advise to code every waking hour. Build a portfolio in Github pages and start shooting a lot of code in your free time. This is the time in life where you can afford to do nothing else than just work and fun.

You'll have a great advantage over your peers and you won't ever look back.

If you can't do it and need to maintain your family after work then you're fine, you're trying your best and that's what counts.

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Yep I now I've lot of chance! I've my own appartment, not far of the school, and even I don't work a lot I can grab good mark. So I work on some code for fun! And I think it's a big chance!