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Discussion on: How are you dealing with quarantine?

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Carlos Roso

It's been a blast for me personally. I figured covid is something I can't control, so I focused on the things I can. It's been amazing.

  • meditate daily
  • read books (history, philosophy, anatomy, self-help)
  • do open source (follow my curiosity)
  • help people with my posts here and on my blog
  • keep a daily journal (online on my site)
  • lots of hours spent with my wife
  • lots of hours coding, which I enjoy a lot
  • donate for those in need

I understand not everyone is as privileged and can only hope they feel better. Keep it up!

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Helder Burato Berto Author

The point I'm doing a lot is stay with my wife, doing nice stuff together, and that's is a really nice.

Thanks for share your thoughts.