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Discussion on: Are these lists equal?

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Carlos Roso Author

Good point. There's no absolute answer to this question. This has been and will be a heated discussed topic.

It doesn't sadden me, though. I wouldn't apply to work at such a company if it doesn't align to my values, which would be your case. And that's fine. It's just another type of interviewing.

Truth is, if your goal is work at a FANG company or a top remote company, chances are you'll need to do algorithms. No need to be sad about it, though, just avoid such companies and find those you feel comfortable with.

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Rob Waller

Admittedly algorithms aren't the worst example of "obscure tech question bingo" which a lot of organisations base their interviews around.

It saddens me because I don't think it's a great way to find good developers and will result in plenty of false negatives. So I believe good developers will needlessly miss out on good opportunities. Assessing the way a developer works rather than what they know at a given point in time is a better approach for finding good developers IMHO because the former is harder to teach than the latter.

But as you say this is for FANGs and I have never worked at a FANG and probably never will. And I imagine most of the developers they interview are of a high quality regardless.