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Discussion on: Best sites to land top remote jobs [+$100K/year]

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Carlos Roso Author

Hey! Yeah, there are a lot of hourly jobs in Toptal. I myself have worked on 2 of them. Lots of interesting projects so far and clients are always willing to pay for what you charge, it's all about honesty.

To get jobs you have two options: 1. Toptal recruiters match you with potential clients. You then have a quick interview/introduction with the client and, if they like you, you get hired. 2. Yes, few devs apply and the client chooses the best fit for them.

I've been lucky, though, as I've had like 6 interviews and got 3 jobs so far. I've seen devs complaining about interviewing a lot, though, but I have a lot of patience. I have no problem interviewing daily for 2 weeks just for 1 job as they are high quality, probably long-term and very well paid. But I can respect those who don't like it, though.

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Thank you for your detailed answers. If you take the full-time position, do you still have to interview for each job in the same way? Will you be signed in for jobs that have longer duration (eg. an entire week/month)?