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I'm seeing only 5 issues, and none of them are documentation-related. Is there anything in your docs you'd like help with?


Howdy. There are only 5 issues, but "Create more tests for other websites" is open ended, in that in encompasses an indefinite amount of items.

If you'd like to help with something documentation related specifically, check out "Add explaining functionality to Step class" as it's a request for a specific class to self document itself.

That one is code related though, if you want only to write something, you're welcome to offer edits to the README, Contribution guide, or Set-Up guide.

I'm not a professional technical writer, so if you see an area that could use some documentation, go ahead and send a PR, I'm open to anything. You're not limited to the issues in the repository :)

Thanks for commenting!


Sounds great! I have already forked it and am about to clone it. Thanks!

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