12 Trending Magento Features to Develop Outstanding Online Store

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The competition is daunting in the online market because of the continuously rising number of online shoppers and the lucrative opportunities it offers. There are millions of successful seller already exists still many more are interested to enter in the world of online shopping. But before deciding, you need to know the importance of look and feel of your online store or website because most of the user decide on the basis of accessibility, appearance and impressive online presence.

The most important factor that determines the appearance and efficiency of any online store is the platform adopted for the development, whether you are new or want to give exposure to your present business. With lots of e-commerce platforms existing in the market with unique features and functionalities, choosing the right one always becomes a challenge.

Magento is the most popular e-commerce development platform that has recognition over the years for outstanding features and delivering exceptional shopping experience.

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform with numerous customization options and flexible features to develop and manage your online store. Magento offers every feature you need to build and run your online store as per your preference and suitability.

Let’s have a look over the main features of Magento:

  1. Complete Website Management

    Magento allows you to create and manage multiple online stores from one dashboard.

    • Fully customizable templates
    • Integrated content management system
    • One administration panel to control multiple store /website
    • CAPTCHA functionality
    • Bulk import and export of catalogue and customer information
  2. Order Management

    An exceptional order management system that can be directly managed from the admin panel.

    • Directly view, create, edit and fulfil orders from admin panel.
    • Create invoices and credit memos.
    • Invoice printing, shipping labels, and packaging slips
    • Email notification for orders
  3. Catalog Management

    A catalog is a key component for the online store. And Magento comes with extensive catalog management features that support large catalogs of physical, virtual and digital products.

    • Easy to edit and delete product reviews
    • Highly customizable options
    • Bulk import and export of products
    • Inventory management
    • RSS feed
    • Automatic image resizing and watermarking
  4. Customer Service

    Magento offers enhanced back-end tools for e-commerce development and a great customer support community that regularly updates users about trends and the latest tech. The community of dedicated developers, programmers, bloggers, project managers will provide proper guidelines to fix a particular issue.

    • Chatbot
    • Support for multiple currencies and international tax rates
    • Option to create personalized shopping experience based on the characteristics such as gender, location, age, order history etc.
    • Order tracking
    • Contact Us form
  5. Mobile-Friendly

    Many online buyers use mobile devices to place orders. Therefore, to win the market you need an online store that is compatible with smartphones. Fortunately, Magento can well adapt to multiple platforms that provide exceptional shopping performance.

    • Pre-integrated with responsive HTML5
    • Fully responsive themes
    • Support media files
  6. Analytics & Reporting

    Magento offers numerous in-built option for tracking, analysis and reporting.

    • Google Analytics
    • Sales and Tax report
    • Customer and Products Report
    • Admin dashboard for report overview
  7. Marketing & Promotion

    Magento offers an array of robust marketing and promotion tools to strengthen your marketing efforts. The powerful tools of marketing will allow brand awareness and sales.

    • Up-sells and cross-sells
    • Coupon, newsletters and polls management
    • Promotional tool for new products
    • Catalog promotion
    • Multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts
    • Refer or Share option
    • Landing page PPC tools
  8. Fully Search Engine Optimization

    With Magento e-commerce development, SEO becomes easy and gives you all the store/website for search engines that help you to grow reach and revenue.
    Magento offers features like:

    • SEO friendly URL structure
    • Support Google Sitemaps
    • Faster loading options
    • Auto-generated popular search terms
    • Meta-information for products
    • Redirecting URLs.
  9. Checkout, Payment & Shipping

    This platform facilitates plenty of alternatives for checkout, payment and shipping for e-commerce store as it is one of the major concern.

    • One-page checkout
    • Checkout without having an account
    • External payment gateway integration
    • SSL Support
    • Shipping to multiple addresses in one order
    • Shopping cart with tax and shipping estimates
    • On-site order tracking from customer accounts
  10. Third-party integration

    It becomes easier to integrate a large number of third-party services which helps you to improve the overall performance of your online store/website. This includes:

    • Payment gateways
    • Order tracking
    • Shipping
    • CMS
  11. Security

    Magento e-commerce architecture is designed to provide a highly secure environment. An array of vigorous security features that benefits online retailers are:

    • Two-Tier Verification
    • Encrypted Connection (SSL/HTTPS)
    • Secure FTP Connection
    • No Email Loopholes
    • Scheduled Security Scan
  12. International Support

    The websites built on Magento have empowered the e-commerce websites with its inbuilt support for multiple languages and currency, making it suitable for the businesses targeting an international audience.

    • Support for localization, multiple currencies and tax rates
    • Option for International site registration and shipping destination
    • EU cookie notification

Magento is undeniably flexible and scalable that is primarily concerned with better user experiences. All in all, the platform serves as an end-to-end solution for eCommerce businesses as it enables the development of online stores that are high in aesthetic value, user-friendly, and easy to manage.

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