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Super interesting question Asim. I see it as "there is no destination, it's all about the journey."
Software is never done in the same way that fitness is never done. Just because we switched from running to yoga, and yoga to cycling, doesnt mean we do it once and are in shape forever. You still need to the work of keeping the body machinery in shape,or it will atrophy. Same woth nature. Mowing the grass this week doesnt mean you never have to again. I see mechanical systems as being the same as living systems. There is no end game. Only chopping wood and carrying water, forever.

And I very much think we are are evolving...as a fellow sysadmin, 6 years ago I was in data closet racking and stacking switches and routers and blades. Standing a server fleet and being responsible for their uptime was hell. Oncall during a power outage was stressful. Configuration drift was hell. Not version controlling it all was hell. Patching and deploying was hell. We have come light years for the practice of operations in just 6 short years... the same for developer practices. CI/CD can be managed in a single YAML file in your browser... for free. Scaling your app is a one-line command from your laptop, or even better, automated self-detecting, and self-healing. You dont need to get purchase orders for new hardware and wait for IT
.. I look forward to telling these old fogey stories to the youngins too, "back in my day"... you just need to step off the treadmill. If if it felt like you didn't go anywhere, changes happened nonetheless.

There are 24 MM developers in the world. 5 years ago it was 18.5 MM. I cant find the data for 20 years ago, but I know that our industry has 12.5X more growth than any other. And it has been around for only 80 years.

But I feel your sentiments. I am tired of new shiny too. But as I mentioned, this is the nature of things. There's new shiny in tech (put it in a container! Orchestrate those containers! Data plane and control plane the orchestrators, service mesh the control plane for your data plane!) I see this happening in diets (keto is the new paleo, paleo was the new Atkins), in fashion (hi rise is the new skinny jeans, is the new bell bottom, is the new wide leg).

And on and on the wheel turns. There is no end game.

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