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Discussion on: I'm thinking of replacing Ubuntu, what do you suggest?

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Carl George

I'm using Fedora. It provides very current packages, while still doing significant QA work before releasing. Some people complain about the short lifecycle of each release, but the ease of upgrades between releases makes it more of a "semi-rolling" release. It works really well in practice.

Lots of programming languages are readily available as packages from Fedora's repos, such as Python, Go, Ruby, PHP, Rust, Java, and more. Python especially is a joy to use on Fedora, because Fedora loves Python.

On the security front, Fedora comes with SELinux. It's proven its worth time and time again when zero-day vulnerabilities are announced yet rendered harmless by SELinux access controls. The rise of containers (and container escape exploits) have given SELinux even more value.

If you're interested in packaging, RPM is much easier to learn than DEB, and once you learn it you can submit pull requests to Fedora package sources to fix/improve things you notice. Fedora's COPR system is similar to Ubuntu PPAs, but easier to use when you want to create your own repos.