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I really enjoyed experimenting with Linux, but for work I’m too reliant on dotnet, VS code is good, but it’s not visual studio and it had issues debugging. I can’t afford the time to spend fixing it when there’s a deadline to hit so back to windows.

Will give it another go, as generally it was a much better experience (especially docker)


For .NET I would still use windows.

It's just to integrate into the Windows Eco System.

It comes back to usuing the right tools for the right job.

Also dual booting is a thing :)


Dotnet not .NET

It worked wonderfully (apart from the debugging issues).

I’m looking forward to retrying it once I’ve got some more time to dedicate to working through the niggles.

Okay I thought that DotNet and .NET are the same things?

But I never worked with either of them nor came to close to it :)

Dotnet is natively cross platform. It’s Microsoft’s way of keeping developers who have 20 years invested in c# on board in the new world order of Linux servers, docker containers and cloud services.

Okay thank you for the information.

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