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Discussion on: What is serverless PHP and how does it work?

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Carl Alexander Author

The point I was making with AWS is how much information is out there. GCP might have PHP as a first class citizen. It's still not something you'll find a lot of information about. There's a lot more information out there about using a custom runtime with Lambda than using native PHP with GCP.

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Andrei Dascalu

That's also kindof the point. Do you need that much documentation for Lambda? Should you? The whole selling point of sercerless functions is that you have a function and it's executed on a trigger.
The whole idea that you need several pages of documentation to setup something that by definition doesn't need setup (particularly, say for a "hello world") is a but ridiculous.
You don't need pages of documentation to run Node code, do you? In the case of a Python application you might given the vendoring particularities but that's about it.