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Discussion on: Surviving your first months as a developer in a company

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Cooper Riehl

+1 for "focus on asking questions". This was the most valuable skill I had to learn when starting at my first company. Good developers ask questions early and often.

If you don't understand a function/library/pattern, you'll most likely end up using it incorrectly. This introduces bugs into your program that will eventually have to be fixed, and the cost of fixing a bug is almost always higher than the cost of a coworker explaining something to you.

Even if you think your question is "dumb", or you're 80% confident you already know the answer, ask a coworker for confirmation anyway. You'll bump your 80% confidence up to 99% confidence, and your coworkers will see you as an invested member of the team. Win-win!

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asking questions

One of the most fundamental skills that should be put in resume, instead of 10 frameworks you know like 1/5 anyways 😉