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Today I started my venture into the 100 Days of Code challenge and I’ve been trying to come up with projects but I feel like every project I think of is either way out of scope and will take lots of time to finish and tbh I usually don’t care much about or I’ll think of something that almost feels too simple and I barely learn anything.

So my question is do you guys ever feel this way and if so how do you correct this?

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Hi Chase, yes I have that problem quite often, both at home and at work. My usual fix is to pick something that would be useful but possibly too large to do all of, and try to isolate the useful bits - then do those first to pick up some motivation :)

Silly example - my ongoing efforts to replace Picasa facial recognition with a home-brewed, open source solution ( - I started by not writing a machine learning system, but borrowed a usable one, and worked on a framework to process the many files I needed to, then took on the next challenge of viewing the results... one checkpoint at a time.


Thank you so much for the tips and it’s great to hear I’m not alone 😂 I’ll definitely try to implement that strategy soon.


Hey, depending on what you are wanting to do, here are a few EX. Projects to pull from


Thanks man! I appreciate the link, those projects look super cool!

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