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[Day 1] Making a DApp

Hey everyone, I hope the start of 2022 has been great for all of you! This year I decided that I would complete my first 100 days of code challenge. My objective of this is stated in my previous post if you were curious definitely go check it out!

What did I do?

  • Researched blockchain and blockchain technologies
  • Followed tutorial for blockchain development found here
  • Blogged about my experience

What did I learn?

  • Learned that Solidity is the main programming language used to create smart contracts on Ethereum
  • Learned how to setup and run a local blockchain network
  • Learned the basics of writing a smart contracts
  • Github Repo

Any Side Notes?

  • Ethereum and DApps really seem to be incredibly powerful, obviously only working on this for a day I don't have a ton of knowledge but the limited things I have done I have found to be extremely fun and I could feel the power.

  • I used to think Web3.0 and DApps were just a fad but now that I have gotten some development experience and have learned more about the blockchain I feel like I was completely wrong, this will more than likely be the future of the web.

  • Solidity has weird syntax

Discussion (2)

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Yeah! Solidity's syntax is some much similar to Java and cpp. If you are familiar with any of these you can find things like interfaces, inheritance etc.

I am also learning solidity from cryptozombies. Happy learning!