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How to make Generic Functions that change return value type according to the parameter values type in TypeScript?

Small improvement: type Json = number | boolean | string |...

Type aliases vs. interfaces in TypeScript-based React apps

There is also one interesting difference between interfaces a...

TypeScript 4.5 Shortens Path to Safer Standard Library

Could you please provide a difference between your types and ...

I πŸ‘Ώ BRUTALLY πŸ‘Ώ review your crappy sites, first victim is Bhagya Mudgal!

Interesting approach ;)

Explain Like I'm Five: TypeScript UnionToIntersection type

I think the author @jcalz of this utility type diserves to be...

You DON'T need these to be a web dev

Have you ever been asked how JS works in non strict mode ? :D

Everything You Need To Know About TypeScript Union Types

Nice article and interesting blog

React Tips & Tricks: Uploading a File With A Progress Bar

+1 for Dwight Shrut!

Understanding Generics in TypeScript

Most of the time you need to use generics when one argument d...

RustLings II

I see article about Rust - I upvote

Play games to improve your developer skills.

Please dont play Factorio. It will eat you

Hello programmers community, I am Youssef Talib, I am studying web programming in my second year. Can you give me some advice

Do your homeworks :)

Facebook REBRANDS to Meta? 😲 Does it mean FAANG is now MANGA?

Dont understand why it bothers so many ppl

filter, map and reduce in JS. When and Where to use??

You will get noticeable performance hit if your array has mor...

Use Objects than Arrays For Large Data in JS

You have described two different data structures: Array and H...

3 Ways To Write Function Overloads With JSDoc & TypeScript

Intersection of function types produces overloadings

1 line of code: How to remove all duplicates from an Array

I think it worth saying that it works only on primitives

How to Delete Dead Code in TypeScript Projects

Last time when I have removed a feature with some dead code I...

Toxic optionals - TypeScript

Agree, that optional properties is toxic. Personaly, I think ...

The most repeated questions I met with on job interviews (part 1)

Bte, sometimes I use === to compare obj ref

Organizing TypeScript code using namespaces

I thought that namespaces are obsolete

/^15 Things to Know About Regex$/

I don't know at least 1000 things about regex πŸ˜‚

10 Tips For Clean DEV Articles!

Thanks, appreciate it

10 Tips For Clean DEV Articles!

Could you please take a look on my articles and give a feedba...

Typescript Interface vs Class With Practical Examples

You can use public keyword in your constructor to avoid boile...

JavaScript/Typescript Tips compilation 2021πŸš€

Type shadowing is a function overloading

7 TypeScript Tricks with Enum (and Fruits) 🧺

You can also write about const enum

To Typescript Or Not To?

Regarding: It is messy. If you really looking for unreadable ...

Things I learned doing my Portfolio

Sorry, unable to upload the screenshot from my phone. Neverth...

Things I learned doing my Portfolio

Hi, try to open your portfolio on mobile devices. There are g...

Remove duplicates from array in javascript

const result = [ Set([1,1,2,3])] // [1,2,3] Ent...

Replace null with ES6 Symbols

Interesting point of view

Type 'boolean' is not assignable to type (react.js and TypeScript) error

Please share minimum reproducable example in TS playfround an...

Practical OCaml

Now I understand why F# is basically microsofted ocaml ) Nice...

Programmers That Don't Blog Should Start Right Now

Agree. I have a blog with typescript examples. Some articles ...

Currying React components in TypeScript

Please see original question on stackoverflow. Each componene...

Currying React components in TypeScript

What I need to put in array?

TypeScript - Check if an array contains only unique values

In order to use it, you shoul apply constraints for Array, be...

Template Literal Types in TypeScript

You can do also some manipulations with string representation...

Things you might not know about Typescript

Btw, one more thing, you probably did not know: never type r...

The reasons I don't use Typescript

Not at all, this is more about runtime type checks

Reviewing "TypeScript in 50 Lessons"

Stefan Baumgartner is very friendly and helpful person! He he...

The reasons I don't use Typescript

try to use io-ts for your api calls

I need to learn about TypeScript Template Literal Types

Awesome article! with great power comes great responsibility...

How I passed AZ-204

Hi, thanks for the article. If I don't know .NET, is it possi...