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Discussion on: Sleep More, Code More

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Rosanna Cantavella

Excellent advice, Patrick! We all need to sleep well. As to routines for going to bed:

(a) When? I'm a lark, not an owl. Once I confessed this to myself, my life became easier. My brain works much better in the early morning, so I go to bed at 9:30 pm, and am able and ready to work about 6:30.

(b) How? Yes, good advice: avoid screens in bed. Lighted screens, should I specify, as I read on my basic, ink-screen Kindle and have no problem at all. As to which genre, I try to avoid fiction, as I get hooked and can't stop reading! I've found essays, or even poetry (yes, poetry) much more conducent to sleep.

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Patrick God Author

Thanks for sharing your tips! It's true, a Kindle is a great exception. It works pretty well. I for myself often read kinda self-help books before going to bed (although it might not always be the best idea...). Maybe I should give poetry a try. :)

And regarding the time you're going to bed: Thank you! Sometimes it still feels awkward to be in bed and I see that 9 on the clock. But then again it's great to know that I can enjoy this lovely time knowing I will have a fresh mind early in the morning.