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Programs that saved you 100 hours?

Cesar Aguirre
Software engineer. Lifelong learner. Language enthusiast. Vivid reader
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Last week I saw this HackerNews thread on Programs that saved you 100 hours. So I want to show some of the tools that have saved me a lot of time. Probably not 100 hours yet.


  • JSON Utils It converts a json file into C# classes. You could choose the property annotations and the casing for names. Visual Studio 2019 has these feature too. But, it doesn't change the names from camelCase to PascalCase automatically.

  • NimbleText It applies a replace pattern on every single item of a input dataset. Then, you don't need to type crazy key sequences. Like playing the drums For example, it's useful to generate SQL statements given sample data.

  • jq play An online version of jq, a JSON processor. It allows to slice, filter, map and transform JSON data.



I use Git from the command line most of the time. I have created copied some aliases for every day workflows. For example,

alias gs='git status -sb' 
alias ga='git add ' 
alias gco='git checkout -b ' 
alias gc='git commit ' 
alias gacm='git add -A && git commit -m ' 
alias gcm='git commit -m ' 

alias gpo='git push origin -u ' 
alias gconf='git diff --name-only --diff-filter=U'
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Not Git related, but I have also created some aliases to use the Pomodoro technique

alias pomo='sleep 1500 && echo "Pomodoro" && tput bel' 
alias sb='sleep 300 && echo "Short break" && tput bel' 
alias lb='sleep 900 && echo "Long break" && tput bel'
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I work in a project that uses a convention to name branches. You need to include the type of task and the task number in the branch name. And, every commit message should include the task number too. You can automate that with a hook. So no more mental burden to include that name, specially when task numbers end up like virus names :D

TICKET=[$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD | grep -Eo '^(\w+/)?(\w+[-_])?[0-9]+' | grep -Eo '(\w+[-])?[0-9]+' | tr "[:lower:]" "[:upper:]")]
if [[ $TICKET == "[]" || "$MESSAGE" == "$TICKET"* ]];then
  exit 0;

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Visual Studio extensions

  • CodeMaid It's like a janitor. It helps you to clean extra spaces and blank lines, remove and sort using statements, insert blank line between properties and much more.

  • MappingGenerator I found this extension recently and it has been a time saver. You need to initialize an object with default values? You need to create a view model or DTO from a business object? MappingGenerator got you covered!


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