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Five quick tips to improve your CV

Today I'm reposting a LinkedIn post with 5 quick tips to write better CVs. Last week a friend and ex-coworker asked me to take a look at his CV. These are five tips I gave him. I hope you find them useful too to improve yours.

1. Keep your CV to only one page

Make it easy for people to review your CV. More than two pages are too long, I'd say. Keep font size, spaces, and borders consistent.

2. Don't include a photo, marital status, national ID, address, or any other personal information.

Use your professional email and LinkedIn handle. Or any other social media to showcase your expertise. I would even skip phone numbers. You will be asked for personal information once you're hired. Not before.

3. Don't add every single experience since you started working

Use your most recent experience. The last five years, for example. Include only the experience relevant to the job you're applying for. Don't add in your job experience the unrelated part-time job you had after high school in your senior year.

CV, Resume and computer

You see? Even the one in the picture has only one page. Photo by João Ferrão on Unsplash

4. Don't include only a cloud of keywords, programming languages, or library names.

Often, stars or years working with a language don't mean expertise. Instead, describe what you did and what accomplishments you made in your previous jobs. Use numbers in your description.

5. Skip fancy lines like "honest, hard-working, team player."

Everybody (or almost everybody) uses the same words. They take extra space in your single-page CV. (Do you still remember tip 1?) Instead, describe in a paragraph what you do and how you can help your next employer.

Voilà! Five tips as promised. A CV is to keep the conversation going, keep it short and to the point.

If you're interested in more interview preparation material, check these interview types and tips, how to evaluate postfix expressions in C# (that was a question I got on a past interview) and follow these ten tips to solve your next interview coding challenge.

Happy coding!

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