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I've been working on live-cricketscores.com - I'm finally at a point where the site covers the basics.

Link to repo: github.com/campbellbartlett/live-c...

Link to site: live-cricketscores.com/

Written in Angular and hosted on netlify.

Still to be added:

  • A section for news coverage
  • A section with player profiles
  • Graphs / wagon wheels for batting stats

If you're a cricket fan and love Angular then please get in touch - I'm keen to grow contributors and make the site something special.

Here's a picture:


would love to work on the design of the project


Hey, that would be great!
Do you want to get in touch on GitHub with some of your ideas?


This has 2 of my favorite things. Cricket and coding. Count me in.


Awesome. Have you had a look at the project on Github? I haven’t made a lot of changes recently, because the core functionality is all in place. But it would be awesome to start adding new components like a score worm or a batters wagon wheel. If there anything else you think could improve the site, open an issue on Github!

Sure. Will go over it this weekend and start opening issues with possible new features.

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