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Would JReply _.define() be useful

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So I was adding this feature to JReply (It's coming anyways), but I want some early feedback, of course, it's hard to give feedback on something that doesn't exist...
but, let me run it down...

It works like this:


console.log(x) // 101

you can also do this:

(function() {

console.log(x) // [1,2,3]

So, what is it doing? It is creating a new variable in the global scope, with the name of the string, it's actually very simple!

But my question is, would something like this be useful?

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Well, with the function, it get's stored in


a failsafe for if it can't be made global


I see. I think it would be helpful to add description and goals of the tool you're building in the post..

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