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What's the easiest way to make an RPG game in JavaScript? (Libraries, tips, etc...)

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Can people give me an idea on how to make an RPG game with custom collision, and interaction rules for each tile (and character), custom sprites, textures, music, etc... in JavaScript (or any similar or easy language), I need libraries, tips, or anything of the sort, please?


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Didn't know something like this exist. So cool!
Gonna try making ADOM clone this weekend :D


Not sure if this is what the OP was looking for, but this is awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Not exactly, but yes, kinda what I'm looking for, thanks! I'm looking for something that supports full on graphics, I'm doing this for "Project Runt", or "RuntDeale"


I would recommend which is written in JS and extensible with JS. It's also very very easy to use. You can even use a slightly limited version of the editor directly on the web with no downloads.

But if really want to build something cool I would recommend Godot Engine - it outputs to any platform including web and has a great feature set, and tons of tutorials online.

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