What do you call arrays w/ autodeletion properties?

calin92540842 profile image PDS OWNER CALIN (Calin Baenen) ・1 min read

So, what I mean is this.
What is the name of a array that deletes un-needed, or (most likely) unused values?
Like this:

// This is just an example, so it might
// not line up with any actual programming language

arr = int[3] {1,2,3};
arr; // {2,3,4};



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This might be something like a stack (first in last out) crossed with a tuple.

Stacks push things onto the stack and pop things off, this is usually done via a function call though, not through reflection.

I think I would call it a:
MagicTuple 🤷‍♂️


I would suggest that you don't use anything with set in the name for this. A set commonly refers to a data structure which stores unique values. It is like a dictionary but with only the keys. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Set_(abstr...


Indeed I know, but the op didn't specify uniquenes was not or is a requirement as the example might imply (the politicians answer)


Ok, I was comparing this to my definition of data structures, and I just wanted to make sure I was matching the structure up with it's features.
I didn't want to give the wrong data structure an incorrect definition.
So thanks for the help.


Maybe a name based aroun deque a dubble ended queue. Like a combination of the stack and queue data types. ForgetfulDeuque maybe? It is also has similarities to LRU-cache (Least Recently Used). The cache forgets the least recently used values.