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Is there any way to set the current URL to a blank URL in JavaScript?

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So I am making an Undertale fan-game, and I disabled the "Inspect Element" feature almost completely, and I wanted to replace one if the bindings with a 'quit' feature. But if I set the URL to a blank string it will just reload the webpage, and


doesn't work either. I tried seeing if their was a way to close the current window, which there wasn't. So, is there any way to set the current tab URL to be blank in JS? Also, thank you all, you all have filled me with determination (Alt Text) throughout my time here on this platform!

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So if I understand what your trying to do, you can simply prevent default behavior on the click event.

This will prevent the browser from redirecting to a new location and execute any code after preventDefault is called


No... What I wanted was a way for


to lead to a blank page, or a placeholder that webbrowsers would have built in or something...
CurrentPahe => New Tab


window.location.href = "about:home"; <-- this might get blocked depending on the users settings.
Also window.close() will close the tab but it can only be closed if the tab was created by your site.

Yes it’s part or the url scheme spec, works even in ie6



What are you exactly trying to do? I couldn't totally understand. Also, are you using just javascript or more languages?

Maybe if you share the exact line of code that is giving you trouble the community will be able to help you :)


I am only using Javascript,
Issue: I want to set the tab to blank, as if you just opened a new tab in the browser

The solution(s) I've tried:

// solution 1 (doesn't work)
// solution 2 (same)
// solution 3 (does absolutely nothing)
delete location.href

and so on, is there any way to make it so the current tab looks as if you opened a new tab in edge / chrome / etc...?


Try changing the href value to javascript:; or simply remove the href attribute completely.

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