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How to (up || down)scale a tkinter PhotoImage?

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RuntDeale (5 Part Series)

1) My Undertale fan-game (RuntDeale)'s logo 2) How to stop image stretching/smoothing (anti-aliasing) in Chrome canvas 3) (RuntDeale website setup) -- RuntDeale talk 4) How to (up || down)scale a tkinter PhotoImage? 5) How to use custom font with Python Tkinter Canvas?

So I figured out how to draw an image,
but now, how do I resize my existing image?
When I looked it up, I got how to use Image, which said to do something like

img =
image = image.resize((250, 250), Image.ANTIALIAS) = ImageTk.PhotoImage(image)

but is there any way to do this without 1, affecting the original image, and 2, without going through this long convoluted process?

Here's part of an original snippet for reference:

RUNTDEALE_LOGO = PhotoImage(file="resources/textures/logo/logo.png")



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