Flexable Object Oriented Language (Open beta (v1.0.0)) RELEASE

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FOOL : Flexable Object Oriented Language
Began Development On: 2019: 8/9

Released On: 2019: 8/18

This language is meant to be a robust and simplified version of Python 1 & Python 2.
You can find the project here:

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Why does the repository just contain a zip?

You should commit the files themselves. If you want to share a packaged version, use the "releases" feature of GitHub.


It's a style feature, I did it because ultimately it works better for upload time than the "release" feature or uploading each file, since they are big. At least, it's slow for me.


GitHub is for the source code, not for the binaries. People will lose interest almost instantly when they see there is no browsable code available in the repository. I doubt your files are so huge that Git's compression is not enough, especially considering that archive is little over 200 kilobytes big.

Ok, I will fix the problem on Wednesday when I get back to my computer. Thanks for the feedback!

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