Do Java Canvas Objects stretch (anti-alias) images like the HTML Canvas Object?

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I was wondering if Java Canvas Objects also do that anti-aliasing thing, so when I port RuntDeale to Java it will look stretched, or to the original textures (with / without) scaling.

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I wouldn't use Java canvas in the first place, it's outdated and JPanel from Swing is more versatile. However Java's stretching with both is more versatile; every time you use the getScaledInstance() function of the Image object you have to specify the scaling technique (SCALE_FAST, SCALE_DEFAULT, SCALE_AREA_AVERAGING, SCALE_SMOOTH, and SCALE_REPLICATE) which will either antialias or duplicate based on the parameter.


AND which ones don't do anti-alias the image?


I only do pixelated games that look retro so I've only ever had to use SCALE_FAST which gives little to no image scaling, but most others will put some blur on it to make it look smoother (SCALE_SMOOTH and SCALE_DEFAULT) while SCALE_AREA_AVERAGING will make it fairly blurry. Don't know what REPLICATE does, never had to use it.

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