Can I create new functions for parameters in Python?

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I am not new to Python, and currently I am on the latest release (3.9.0) and to my knowledge the answer is "No". But is there anything I am missing? If I am being confusing the JS equivalent would be:

function example(func) {
example(function() {

so in Python can I do:

def example(func):
example("""some way to declare a function here""")

instead of:

def example(func):
def myFunc():


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In addition to David’s answer, you can also use decorators if you wanna do something with the function when assigning it, like this:

def dec(func):
    return func

# dec will be called with test as a parameter, which will then be set to the return value.
def test():
    print(β€œHello, world!”)

You can even give it other parameters by taking those like normal, and instead returning a function that takes the decorated function, like this:

def dec(string):
    def dec_inner(func):
        return func
    return dec_inner

# dec will be called with β€œHello, world!”, and the returned function will be called with test, and test will be set to whatever that returns.
@dec(β€œHello, world!”)
def test(string):

Lambda is the rough equivalent.

example(lambda : print("hi")) 

but lambda is used much less in python than anonymous functions in javascript.

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