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Discussion on: The best way to learn React is.. to learn Angular?!

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Michael Di Prisco Author

How can having the same team work in different aspect of the same project be a disadvantage?

None of the mentioned tools are outdated in any possible metric or statistic. Of course jQuery was created to solve problems we don't have anymore, but it doesn't meen it's outdated at all :) I stopped using it 5 years ago, but many people still do and will do for many years and the community is still vibrant. Same for Twig and Pug which are supported by many frameworks from different languages. As per Angular, the roadmap is clear and the community is huge, so I guess your comment is just not fact-based.

Thinking they got it wrong doesn't mean they are outdated. The first is an opinion, the latter is a fact. You can't mix those two things.