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re: I honestly had to look up what touch-typing was. I assumed some crazy 10x developer typing technique.... then realized it was the regular home-row ...

Don't know how things were in your school system, but for me, typing classes were an elective. Also, in my typing classes, I was one of the few men (actually... boys) in the class. It was treated as something that was taken by those who were expecting to become secretaries. But oh mannnn, am I glad that I took those typing classes. They are the single-most utilitarian classes that I've ever taken - in any subject.


Exactly, that's what I'm wondering, if it is not always taught now, with the assumption that kids just figure it out. Looking back, it probably was treated a bit like an office trade-skill, but I agree, it was probably the most practical thing I learned in school, especially given that I can take it for granted.

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