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Discussion on: How have many without a college education broken into the industry?

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Renato Byrro • Edited on

I have a bachelor degree in economics. Work opportunities in my region were terrible and decided to switch to IT. I found my way in the industry by self-learning Python, machine learning and cloud computing to create a SaaS application, which I sold subscriptions for about two years. I entered an agreement with a competitor to incorporate this app in their suite of services and started working as a developer contractor. More recently I joined a startup as developer advocate.

I think for ~90% of dev work demand, companies are more interested in whether you can get things done more than an academic title. The best route here is to show what you've already done, obviously. Or to do it just for the sake of building a portfolio. Paying dozens of thousands of dollars for a university degree won't help.

Honestly, not all but many graduate certificates nowadays don't really say much about your capabilities. University campuses are increasingly geared towards subjectivity and ideology rather than reason, science and practicality.

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Stephen Leyva (He/Him) Author

This story shows a lot of grind! Building your own SaaS application by teaching yourself python and infrastructure is awesome! Thanks for telling your story