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Discussion on: Misconceptions of Serverless: 5 Things You Thought AWS Lambda Did… But It Doesn’t.

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Renato Byrro

Nice post to highlight some aspects that people need to be aware of.

But these aren't "problems" inherent in serverless. It's just the way it works. It's our job to study and understand before using, not imagining it will behave magically like we would want personally.

I think your post will contribute to avoid a fairly common pattern:

  • Developer gets in touch with a new technology, which solves some problems
  • Developer pictures in his mind that it must solve ALL problems he has in HIS mind
  • It starts using the technology as if this was the reality, without checking
  • Developer inevitably faces reality later (in the worst way, unfortunately)
  • The technology is blamed, developer writes on medium about how bad the technology is and 7,642 people clap for it

It doesn't help us evolve our field in a healthy way...