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Discussion on: Learning Some Computer Science will Make You a Better (And More Expensive) Engineer

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Renato Byrro

Hey Lane, thanks for instigating for more CS knowledge pursuit. I definitely agree every software engineer should have this in the roadmap.

"Processor Architecture" is the only topic I might not agree entirely.

I've learned this when was playing with Texas Instruments CIs and Arduino and RaspberryPi.

It was really fun to learn how transistors work, MOS gates and all this stuff.

I don't think it makes me a better software engineer though.

Can't relate to how it's helpful in my developer day-to-day work. I would still go ahead and learn again if I had to, but more to satisfy an intellectual interest.

What's your view and experience?

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Lane Wagner Author • Edited on

I had a job where I worked with really low level programming, writing firmware and implementing an SPI protocol from scratch. I agree that the amount of jobs are fewer, but by understanding those fundamentals, I now am able to more easily work in an entire growing industry: IOT.