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Discussion on: 13 AWS Lambda design considerations you need to know about – Part 2

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Renato Byrro

Thanks for the clarifications, definitely shed more light on the subject! 💡

It's a complex topic indeed. I'm very interested in improving my skills to make better decisions on this type of scenario. If you have any suggestions for articles/books/etc that were helpful to you, I would be grateful!

Thanks again! 👍

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Rehan van der Merwe Author

I gained most of this experience by designing and maintaining these architectures in production. Along the way I constantly watch and read articles on microservices and lambdas, not always taking the content 100% in but at least just making a note about it somewhere back in my mind.

I will look through my bookmarks a bit later to see if I might be able to give you a few resources that will be helpful on the topic.