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Discussion on: Poll: Do you read the question or answers first on Stackoverflow?

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Renato Byrro • Edited on

I do this, which works very well 95% of the times:

Web searching:

  • Search on the web for my issue
  • Use results snippets to judge relevancy of top 5-10 results
  • Open the best 2 or 3 results - not necessarily the search ranking (StackOverflow pages are almost always among them)

Solution finding in SO:

  • Read the question title to judge similarity to my problem
  • Read the top-voted answer
  • If solution is not found, quickly scan other answers
  • If solution still not found, go to other tabs (from search results opened before)
  • If solution still not found, back to the search engine
  • If solution not found after a second or third search, I go figure myself and then post as an answer to the closest question I found specifying my case

So, no, I almost never read the entire question. It's almost always irrelevant to me. Unless I figured a solution myself and need to find a question where to post it...