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re: Absolutely nothing you said is dangerous or implies the silencing of anyone.

Don't you consider that asking "is it morally acceptable to use those tricks for dev.to posts" implies that one or some individual's notion of morality is entitled to judge and restrict what others can speak and how?

Sure, if you take that sentence out of the context of the whole post.

The post is his reflections on how he writes and posts to Dev.to. It's a #discuss post where he asks what we think and then reflects on how he makes decisions.

And that's precisely what I was addressing: his reflections and the way he thinks about this.

If I think my voice can be vetted by other people's notion of morality, I will find it acceptable if I see it happening to me or anyone.

And I find that position very dangerous.

One thing is asking "is it respectful or appropriate", "is it a grateful way of writing to other developers", or "is it effective from a publisher's perspective". A totally different thing is asking: "is it morally acceptable", "has this been prohibited"...

I really don't think making decisions for yourself based on the moral code you follow is a dangerous thing. At no point did the OP call for silencing of others' speech. At no point did the OP call for policing others' speech.

I guess we have different positions and that's totally acceptable.

To clarify, I did not claim he called for silencing other people. What I said was:

"I think it's dangerous to even consider the possibility of silencing someone's voice because one might not like his/her "style".

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