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Discussion on: Serverless Headless CMS by Webiny (Open-Source)

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Renato Byrro • Edited on

Congrats, Sven! Very exciting!

Would you mind elaborating a bit on the SEO capabilities of Webiny (either currently available or in the pipeline)? I noticed the server-side rendering and speed advantages.

I ask because traditional CMS like Wordpress or modern static site generators like Hugo are extensively optimized for good SEO (not to mention plugins to optimize even further), which is a big plus, especially for non-marketing publishers.

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Sven A Author

Hey Renato,

if you use Webiny Headless CMS, then the SEO depends on the library you use for your frontend site. You can use Hugo or Gatsby or any other site generator with our system and they will take care of the SEO for you.

When it comes to Webiny Page Builder, which is our drag&drop site creator, it also has SEO optimizations built-in. From standard SEO tags, to open graph for social sites. As well as things SSR, which ensure your site is super fast and that crawlers, like google boot, can access and read your content.

Hope this answers your question.

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Renato Byrro

It does, thanks Sven! Great to see you're moving fast, looking forward to what's coming next!