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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v1

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Byron Ruth

Hello devs!

I have been developing stuff for 10 years. I have used a variety of languages, but am currently settled on Go, Python, and JavaScript for the majority of my work. I comfortable up and down the Web stack, building ETL pipelines, writing command-line programs, modeling data for storage and processing, and doing front-end development.

I am currently exploring how best to architect event-driven systems. I recently created for a school project, but will be continuing to develop this.

FWIW, I work at a pediatric hospital and lead an Applications Research team. We get to explore and apply technologies from academia and industry in a healthcare context.

A few non-dev things I do every day are running and cooking. Prior to learning how to write code I had a plan to become a chef (I love to make food for others).

Thanks for reading!