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How to start a meetup group for free?

How to start a meetup group for free?

How much does it cost to start a Meetup group?

It’s 100% free! Anyone with an email address can register with and start joining groups immediately. Meetup will even suggest groups based on your interests, or you can do a search right on their platform to find groups.
And, as new groups are started based on your location and interests, Meetup will notify you in case you want to join.
Of course, as it’s pointed out above, you’ll have to pay dues in order to become a group Organizer.

Is there a free equivalent of Which I can use to start a meetup group for free?

Currently, in the market, there are multiple alternatives of meetup. But most of them will need a lot of education in terms of how you operate them, or they have a similar subscription model.
The only platform which is truly amazing from a usability perspective and have literally £1/PCM fee is bylde. You can easily migrate your group from meetup to bylde.

local meetups Features:

  • Fee: only £12 Annually.
  • Integration with all social networks.
  • You can charge a monthly fee to your group members to join your group.
  • You can sell your event tickets for low commission fee.
  • Automated marketing integrated into your event ticketing.

Learn more about it on bylde.

Native iOS and Android App for your group members.
You can read more about Alternatives to meetup and see 9 alternatives you could use.

How To Create a Free Meetup Group?

To start a Meetup group for free, you need to first go to and search for a group in your city.

If you don’t find a group in your city on bylde. Then you are at luck.

Hurry up and create a ticket with their support department and tell them you would like to create the first group in your city.

Tell them what you are planning to do with that group and how you are going to promote it with your friends and family.

Bylde will then provide you with a lifetime coupon code so that you can create your group for free.


Now if you want to know how you can make some money with your meetup group then please do comment below, and I will create a blog post for it.

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