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Discussion on: Node JS Starter - Full-Stack React Material Kit

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Greg Brewton

Honest question from a newbie: Why do you need a back end if you're developing with React? Would it be faster and easier to use something like Firebase if you need a database, or authentication?

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Sm0ke Author


Depends on your knowledge, app architectures .. etc. You can do the same thing in many ways. Firebase is great but I'm not a fan of jailed platforms.

Just saying. :)

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Ola' John Ajiboye • Edited on

You can think of firebase in the context you mean here as BackEnd as a service.Giving you database, Authentication etc. It means you have little control on how you'd write many part of your code. You have to do it Firebase's way. It has the advantage you don't have to manage your own servers etc.

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Sm0ke Author

Fully agree with you.
Choosing a stack depends on many factors like knowledge, costs, app features .. etc.

Firebase, for sure, is a great platform and helps a lot but from my point of view has some drawbacks:

  • The SQL. I didn't vibrate with that JSON storage
  • Costs
  • You can easily reach the limits ( connection, storage.. )

After using the platform a while, I decided to move away.
In the same time, I'm not advising anyone to do the same.