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Discussion on: Why Tailwind CSS

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Patrick Smith

This is really well written! It captures what I have thought and tried to say and puts it into better sentences. (

One benefit missing like Aditya says is that it doesn’t lock you into a JavaScript-only world. Also I think the performance can be greater without the overheads of CSS-in-JS. It also makes server-rendering of React simple as you don’t have to capture the styles that were generated. I go into the performance implications here (I’m sure emotion is faster than styled-components here)

Plus I think you can do some pretty neat stuff around TypeScript and improving the developer experience of utility styles with type safety and autocompletion:

I agree that with Tailwind the setup could be simpler. I’m curious around your thoughts of the generated CSS file size and whether the purge options work well for you?

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swyx Author

thanks! purge works fine. I don't see the benefit of TS for tailwind bc I rather use the Tailwind VS code extension rather than bloating my typescript toolchain with a zillion classes. and I mention but don't elaborate the performance aspect of not tying to JavaScript, but I believe that perf discussions without doing a benchmark on a realistic app are pointless.