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Name, Please?

burdettelamar profile image Burdette Lamar ・1 min read

Recently I posted an article whose examples are done with the Ruby Interactive Shell, irb.

It was annoyingly tedious to copy and paste snippets from the irb window into the post editor.

So I decided to automate. (Shocker!).

I'm building a program that will:

  • Read markdown that contains snippets intended for irb.
  • Run each such snippet through irb, capturing the session.
  • Replace the original snippet with that output.
  • Mark the changed passage as a Ruby code block.

Question is, what to call it?

  • Started out thinking irb2md, but though the output is markdown, the input is not just simple irb.
  • Now it's irb_filter, but that doesn't tell an accurate story either.
  • Leaning toward irb_in_md, but not happy about it.


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