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re: That explains why most modern tendencies feel so alien to me

@zhu48 It does highlight. I never meant that negative criticism should be always given and taken directly. This has to be mutual and both parties have to aware of what they're dealing with. Basically, don't end up in a situation where fix whitespace and resub the pull req. see coding standards in wiki doesn't have any hidden meaning, such as because I'm your parent and I said so but is just a request to meet project contribution guidelines.

Also, being Chinese American. Speaker also mentioned that her numbers apply for majority of the nation and that that's the tendency she has found. My humble guess is that she really means not the nation itself, but the country and the community someone has grown in. Remember her own children example. They're American French, but since they're growing up in France, they are used to the way French people communicate.

Well I'd agree with you that the situation should be avoided in the first place. To me, that means when you talk with strangers, you should default to being very explicit and overly respectful, and become more loose as you get to know people better.

Yes, that's exactly it. Just don't look for hidden meaning when there's literally none :)

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