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How do I write a technical reference?

Bruce Axtens
Programmed Canon Canola calculators in 1977. Assorted platforms and languages ever since. Assisting with I am NOT looking for work -- I've got more than enough to do.
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I've written personal references for people before. It's not hard. What I'm struggling with is how to write a technical one for someone who's volunteering to do some programming work for a not-for-profit charity. Do I just list the stuff he's done, how long he's been doing it for and how good he is at it, or is there some more standardized way?

Maybe I can get him to list the things that he knows and how well he knows them, but that seems like cheating. I'm his supervisor -- I'm supposed know what he knows and how well he knows it. Dot-points doesn't seem right somehow, but that's the direction I'm going at the moment.


Did find this after a Google search. Sort of answers my question, though the not-for-profit also wants me to go into detail about the volunteer's skills so it sort of doesn't answer it too.

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