re: I am a full-time freelancer aged 21. I work mostly in PHP and React. Last year I made approximately $75,000 in revenue. AMA! VIEW POST


Wow that was a good achievment...anw do you even sleep? :D , I did the same (freelancing) couple years ago...I failed to manage my precious sleep time


I'm very proud of it!

And I do sleep. Less than I should. My current daily schedule is approximately:

  • 5.30 - Get up
  • 6.00 - Get out of the house
  • 7.00 - Arrive at major client office
  • 15.00 - Drive back home from major client
  • 16.00 - Arrive at home, spend time with girlfriend/family
  • 19.00 - Continue work on side projects, smaller client
  • 23.30/0.00 - Go to bed.

I tend to sleep in on the weekends. :)

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