Discussion on: ASP .net vs Laravel

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So the general difference between PHP and C# is that C# will compile first. PHP will compile in Runtime. Also we could say that C# is way more organized. Enterprise PHP Applications can be really messy. You can do mostly everything with PHP as u can do in C#. Same for C#. U can do mostly everything ( if not even more ) in C# than in PHP. I feel better with C# Asp.net MVC. I have worked a bit with laravel. I mean its a really nice framework, no need to bash. But in C# I feel more organized and. How say ? Cleaner code ? The syntax isnt messed up so hard lul. I mean i dont feel comfortable with connecting strings with a dot for example. Later if u have a huge string its hard to find the overview lol. Just try and decide with what you feel more comfortable with. Dont forget as @rhymes mentioned : You shoud enjoy Coding while you code. Otherwise u will never have a great solution =)