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re: Hi Bruno, thanks for the awesome detailed tutorial with all the updates. And i can see you are very active in comments also which is awesome! Its ...

Please remove all node_modules folders and .lock files from your project, clear all caches (xcode, —reset-cache, etc), and try following the steps again. Maybe you missed something.

You shouldn’t remove the dependencies from mobile. Check this repo source code and commit diffs: github.com/brunolemos/react-native...

After running yarn to install dependencies, check the contents of packages/mobile/node_modules, and let me know which folders it has. It shouldn’t have any, all should be in the root node_modules.

If nothing works, maybe they released a new version of the cli that broke something, in that case you can use a previous version or investigate the change.


I think i was not clear in my comment, actually it did work with barebone setup as described in this post. It was working perfectly, than i started exporting my mobile code, that's when it exploded.

I wanted to just have mobile app running as it is in this architecture. Than move un-convertable code to mobile and write replacement code for only those in web. But my mobile app is not running with these errors.

I did all the cache clear and everything but same issue. mobile repo's node_modules folder have 2 folder, .bin and metro-react-native-babel-preset.

I am pretty sure it is some of my mobile dependency. I don't know if i should share the package json etc and everything here. It will just get annoyingly long here.

Let me know if i should share that here, or i can reach you through some other medium.

I do understand this blog post is like THE go to blog right now for new projects which want to take this route. but porting old projects is a lot more messy. If i do succeed in porting my app on this architecture and support web, i will leave pointers and can also write an extension of this blog post.

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